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(English below)

長年、曹洞宗 安泰寺にて住職を勤められた、ネルケ無方老師と、当寺院 ザイレ法雲の対談がYouTubeにて公開されています。

検索: ネルケ無方

A few days ago, we received a visit from Muhō Nölke Rōshi, a German-born Sōtō Zen priest who spent almost two decades as abbot of Antaiji Temple in Hyogo Prefecture.

The purpose of Nölke Rōshi’s visit was to film a series of light-hearted videos with Sakuramotobō’s own Hōun Saile that cover topics such as the conception of mountains as mandalas and the similarities between Zazen and esoteric Buddhist ritual.

Anyone interested can see the videos by clicking the link to Youtube (videos are in German only)

YouTube: Muho Noelke


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