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ボーダーレス, ことのは つづり, 季節, 行事, 想い, インターナショナル



Since we have more and more non-Japanese speakers/readers reaching our website as well as liking our page, we receive some requests to share more English written information about what we do and are trying to achieve.

We aim creating English ver. website in near future(we truly are sorry for its inconvenience), and share as much thoughts, opinions, experiences, ideas and “heart!” as possible there and here!

Our gate has been opening to the world. there never supposed to be borders when it comes to “pray”, right?

So please feel free to contact us:)
Mainly I Anju is in charge of responding to English speakers:)
Thank you!

Today is the day so-called “節分-Setsubun-” in Japan, meaning the division of the season from winter to spring:)
*followed by traditional lunar calendar
We have this custom to throw beans outside the house to make evil spirits go away so that fresh air and more happiness coming home.

We had this Setsubun Homa service today at Sakuramotobou.

Spring is just around the corner!
Flowers blooming just like us human living our dreams fully:)
We pray that the first day of Spring, 4th February, is brand new day filled with love and joy for all of you:)




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